1. Victor Squawk

    Simulator game(s)

    Don't make fun of me about this but I'm looking for a decent-enough simulation game that can help me learn to visualize and concretize things I'm currently learning. Its not likely that I will be able to get in a plane soon, nor use a real simulator, so for now I just want something I can use...
  2. SkyWestCareers

    Hiring Now Dispatchers for SkyWest Airlines!

    Hiring urgently, Dispatchers at SkyWest Airlines! About SkyWest With over 13,000 aviation professionals operating thousands of daily flights, SkyWest Airlines connects millions of passengers each month to hundreds of destinations across North America. SkyWest is the largest independently...
  3. Tom1999

    Thank you everybody! From your brand new flight support agent

    Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, my name's Tommaso. I know this is a USA Aviation-focused forum, but it was soooooo helpful even for me from Italy. On May 13th, I got my FAA ADX License, now I got hired as Flight Support Agent for Vistajet Malta! If it wasn't for COVID, tomorrow would have...