1. flywithmyeyesclosed

    Hello boys I’m baaaaaaccccckkkk!

    I used to use this forum when I was younger and ATC was hiring civilians. This was a great place for info and pep talks, especially when you got turned down for an opportunity. I went through the application process like so many online friends that I made here and like so many others, I passed...
  2. R

    Need Advice Please! Dispatching in South Florida.

    Hello fellow dispatchers! I graduated from Sheffield this past March 2019, and am proud to be a certified Aircraft Dispatcher from Sheffield! The program was great and I learned so much - I am glad to be a graduate! Right after I graduated, I was offered a position immediately, at an...
  3. DogwoodLynx

    Frontier DX (DEN)

    Hey folks, I've noticed that the Frontier posting has been up for MONTHS. Does anyone on here currently work there or mind giving me some insight into their dispatcher team? (PM if ya want) Thanks!
  4. thegriffinpages

    Empire Airlines DX in Idaho

    https://www.cbizems.com/extranet/JobSearch.aspx Good luck to those applying. I know nothing about them other than they used to (and I think still do) fly Cessna Caravans and ATRs for FedEx. Wouldn't be jet experience but they are Part 121.
  5. stunnershow


  6. Shock-Diamonds

    Advice for Aviation Dispatch?

    Hey there, my name is Chris! I was referred to this forum by my brother, who flies for Spirit. I am 29 years old, a long time aviation enthusiast, and looking for some advice on getting my ADX, and becoming a dispatcher. I do not have much time in the airline world, but have spent the last few...
  7. LATech_ADX

    Sheffield tips

    I'm in the June class at Sheffield and straight out of college with my Aviation Management degree and PP certificate. I've been reading all about these threads and which schools, but I just want to see if anyone has a few tips for me before I begin. I've heard "it's fast paced", "take the ADX...
  8. North Central Aviation

    Flight Coordinator - MN

    North Central Aviation is currently looking for a Flight Coordinator. Full Time Full Benefits 401k Must be willing to relocation or live in Minneapolis / St. Paul To apply email cover letter and resume to: charter@flyncatoday.com A Flight Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all...
  9. R

    Dispatcher Job Prospects?

    Hey everyone! I'm new to Jetcareers but have found this to be a very reliable source for information on pursuing a dispatching career. Right now I'm a freshman in college but I've always been drawn to the airline industry- I used to dream of being a pilot but right now I think it would be cool...