1. Boolah808

    Aviation School or college

    I have a question in regards to schooling. I am looking to become an airline pilot. I just got out of active duty in the navy and currently working on my fixed wing private pilot license. I am concerned on which route I should take for the commercial license and degree options. Should i go to an...
  2. G

    Becoming an Airline Pilot without a College Degree

    I have looked at other threads similar to what I am asking in this but it is hard to get a definitive answer from most. I am currently enrolled in a 4 year university for a BS in political science and I am looking at just making it by with college tuition. I have always have had a passion for...
  3. N

    Purdue's aviation program

    I am currently a high school freshman, and I was interested in becoming an airline pilot via Purdue's Professional Flight degree, and had a few questions about it: How many flight hours does the professional flight degree offer? Does purdue provide R-ATP? Can you fly anytime to earn more...