1. D

    ACS Slow Flight Instruction??

    The ACS stipulates that slow flight is now supposed to be performed without the stall horn annunciating. So, there's been a debate -sometimes almost religiously ferocious- about this. One side argues you're not slow enough to truly experience flight on the back side of the power curve without...
  2. R

    Instrument checkride with Silva Jr. Thomas

    I'm going to have the instrument checkride with Silva Jr Thomas in Arizona, does anybody have some suggestions or advise please tell me. I'm in part 141. Thanks alot!!!
  3. R

    Instrument checkride with Gimbel.D

    I'm going to have a Instrument checkride with Gimbel Daniel in Arizona. Does anybody have some information or suggestions for me? I'm in part141 flight school. Thanks a lot!
  4. Shane Cassell

    ATP Practical Test Prep

    I'm looking to prepare for the Multi-Engine ATP Practical and hoping to take the check ride sometime in late June or July. I have passed the written and just need the test prep. I'm in the Northwest Indiana/Chicagoland area and am willing to drive a little to get to a place that will provide...