1. Stewart Stoll

    Hiring CFIs Dallas Texas

    Texas American Flight Academy is currently looking for a full time CFI-CFII for our Addison Texas location. Benefits include guaranteed pay + hourly rate based on licenses. Pay progression schedule. Hours in a wide range of aircraft. If interested please E-mail me...
  2. tallpilot917

    CFI looking for a opportunity

    Hello, I'm a CFI, commercial pilot, multi-engine land, single-engine land and instrument rated. I hold about 305 hours (ASEL 163 and AMEL 142) I have a First class medical, a FCC Radio license. I've flown Pipers Archers, Seminoles, Cessnas 172s, 182s, Mooneys, Diamonds and Decathlons. I'm...
  3. Konect Aviation

    Part Time Airplane CFI in Oregon

    We are currently looking to hire a Part Time Fixed-Wing CFI/CFII in Oregon. Please forward this information and get in contact with us if you are interested. Link to full job-description Please email resumes to: Thank you very much