1. Victor Squawk

    To those without "flight benefits"

    What are some other ways value can be gained if the flight benefits of airlines aren't that important to someone? A high-paying is an easy example to imagine. At some point, you could make enough income that your income covers the equivalent flight benefits, based on how much you would really...
  2. Crimson37

    crossroads in career

    Hey gang, new member here. So here's the situation: like most, i've loved aviation for as long as i can remember. I recently graduated with a BS in aviation management and my PPL (about 50 hrs TT). I currently work as an airfield operations officer at a part 139 airport. although i thoroughly...
  3. K

    Opportunity presented.. Need info from the pros

    Hi all, newb here. I figured it best to come right to the source and try to obtain some information before I spend further time exploring this career opportunity. I was presented with an opportunity to interview with an aircraft sales company. They sale gulfstreams to boeings. I met someone...
  4. R

    Dispatcher Job Prospects?

    Hey everyone! I'm new to Jetcareers but have found this to be a very reliable source for information on pursuing a dispatching career. Right now I'm a freshman in college but I've always been drawn to the airline industry- I used to dream of being a pilot but right now I think it would be cool...