business aviation

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    Aircraft sales

    I've recently completed Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course. And I've alot of interest in Aircraft sales/Aircraft Engine Sales. Since there's no one in this field from my family or friends I've no idea how to get into this field. Hence, I need your help. Thank you.
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    Your idea of the perfect broker

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for taking a moment to read my post. Being rather new to the wonderful world of aviation, I wanted ask you all your thoughts concerning brokers? Being prior-service and growing up around aviation, I eagerly sought to find my fit within the industry and it came in the...
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    What are the major needs of a FA ?!

    Hi everyone! I’m a degree student and due to my passion for Private Aviation I’m undertaking a paper research targeting this subject. For that I would like your cooperation so I can understand what are the major difficulties that Corporate Flight attendants, or even pilots when there are no...