1. Adam S.

    Looking to Build time in NorCal

    Greeting All, I'm a Commercial SEL Pilot w/ Instrument rating, 260+ hours, located in the Northern California/Sacramento/Elk Grove area in search of a pilot buddy to build some time with. I'm active-duty military for the last 10 years as an aircraft mechanic/aircrew so I'm familiar with...
  2. tallpilot917

    CFI looking for a opportunity

    Hello, I'm a CFI, commercial pilot, multi-engine land, single-engine land and instrument rated. I hold about 305 hours (ASEL 163 and AMEL 142) I have a First class medical, a FCC Radio license. I've flown Pipers Archers, Seminoles, Cessnas 172s, 182s, Mooneys, Diamonds and Decathlons. I'm...