1. CrippleHawk

    A question for dispatchers on Autopilot MELs (Airlines)

    Is it a new policy for airlines to fix the autopilot MEL when they go back to base? Or is it based on airline OPSPEC? The airline I work (name REDACTED) for requires the autopilot to be repaired when it heads back to an MX base. Basically it's a one leg trip from an outstation. They use to...
  2. ChristophMcLee

    Lockheed Martin is hiring

    Lockheed Martin is hiring "manufacturing employees" for its Fort Worth plant. Interviews expected in August.
  3. B

    Endeavor v. Republic

    I currently have offers from both airlines, and trying to figure out which is the better choice? CRJ or EMB? $30/hr with annual bonus or $40/hr with one-time bonus? 1.5yr upgrade or 2.5yr upgrade? What else should I be comparing? (First airline job)
  4. B

    FedEx Career

    Hi. I'm Blake and I have one year left of high school. I have a passion for flying, and one day I want to be a pilot. Specifically a FedEx pilot. How do I go about doing that? What is the best way? Should I go to the Air Force? Should I go flight school and get my licenses now? I plan on going...
  5. C

    QoL for Corporate vs Airlines

    My wife and I are expecting in June. I am looking for a transition with currently less than ATP mins, and many people ask me what I want to do with aviation. Looking at the future I am curious about the Quality of Life (QoL) for the different aviation segments. What is the QoL for the...
  6. G

    I think I've found the solution...maybe

    So I'm a senior in high school this year and I have my sights set on flying for one of the major airlines. I've always loved airplanes and took a discovery flight recently and absolutely loved it! I've applied to most of the big time aviation schools (ERAU, UND, WMU, Lewis, SIU, ASU, Purdue) and...
  7. Burrito

    Transaero Migrates South.

    From FR24. Can't imagine doing this run - knowing you're not coming into work tomorrow.