1. L

    Air buss A380, anyone flight?

    five times than Boeing 787, I want to have a try.
  2. A

    FlightGlobal HIGH PAYING: CRJ, 320, 737, 787, 380 Pilots

    Are you a first officer fed up waiting for the PIC seat because of seniority? Are you a captain who’d like to get paid much more for what you already do? Has the regular commuter route between Phoenix and San Diego been driving you nuts? Has your dream aviator adventure turned into a droll grind...
  3. Bandit_Driver

    Want to Buy GA to Airbus Adaptor

    Looking for an adaptor to convert my GA headset for use in the AirBus.
  4. Burrito

    If the thing was built in Germany...

    ...why aren't we calling it "das Boos" instead? Toulouse I get, but Finkenwerder... Just a thought from Oh Hare while I wait for my name to be called on this Eagle Flight back to work. Feel free to ignore.