you sure dem ther parts is FAA approved Bubba? {*long post}


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Heck who said you have to spend alot of money on maintenance all it takes is a little "creativity"

Found this on - posted by Bill Austin

I came acroos thes photos while scanning for the Oregon Aviation Historical Society. The box was labled J-4 and date was 1976. As far as I can tell it is a strip somewhere on the Rogue River. Part of an interesting sequence on an accident & repair.

Here is a temporary landing gear loaded on a Super Cub.

They hung the prop on the other strut

He is the new gear under the J-4

Here is how to straighten a bent cowl

Rigging the landing gear

Next comes the prop

And we do a run up!

And take off

After a a successful take off they were on thier way home. Note the gear tensioner sticks are still in place--reminds me of fence building


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He meant to do that!

I've heard of a mid-air collision, and CFIT, controled flight into terrain but CFIF, controled flight into Ford!
Notice the fellow jumping for joy. "Boy is Billy-Bob gonna be cheesed off now!"

Cool pic, not something you see everyday.