You Gotta Love This Cockpit View!


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Have you been following Rutan's attempt for the prize? More info here.

Private space flight has taken one small step closer to reality thanks
to a rocket engine propulsion system that burns a combination of rubber
and laughing gas. Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites recently awarded a
contract to SpaceDev for propulsion support. The San Diego firm has
completed test firings of its hybrid rocket in Mojave, California, that
uses a combination of relatively inexpensive nitrous oxide and HTPB
(rubber) propellants. The Scaled Composites craft will be called
SpaceShipOne and will be carried aloft for launch by an aircraft. Test
flights of the two composite-constructed vehicles have been completed.
To keep abreast of the homebrew spacecraft project, see the Web site

If the Laughing Doesnt Kill Ya, the Bouncing Will!!!
Oops - I should have attributed the above article to AOPA's weekly email, who I assume would wish to be known as its publisher.

Great view!! Looks kinda like they used a bunch of washing machine doors (looking from the inside) for the front.

I've seen the aircraft from the outside many times, and it sure is a Rutan mobile.

AOPA had a article on it today. Check it out. I wish them the best.
"Moving map by Garmin, chronometer by West Bend!"

Any idea what the lower half of the main screen is depicting?
Kinda looks like the Default NAV Page on my Garmin GNS530, except for the red stuff. Or just about any FMS probably. I wonder if they display flight telemetry, or just push it to storage.
It's weird how the lat/long lines on the electronic attitude indicator depict a 3-D sphere instead of the usual 2-D brown/blue fields. It's like a graphical AI gyro ball. Is that the new EFIS trend? I wonder if it'll do terrain depiction like the new Chelton(?) MFD.
From what little I know, they tried to make the panels of the two aircraft as similar as possible And with a spaceship, pretty much any attitude is fair game, hence the sphere.
that looks like something the A/F would do lol
Hey Needle6, love your sniper kitty!!

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As for the AI being a sphere, perhaps when in space it should be black for space instead of blue for sky. And for that matter, the brown for ground should also be black since there's very little ground in space. So what would your alt. be then if there's no ground as in AGL?
Hey Needle6, love your sniper kitty!!

Where'd you get it?

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It was sent to me my a co-worker. I have no idea where she got it, but as soon as I saw it I knew it had to be my new avatar (and my new desktop).
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