You "ER" pilots might find this interesting


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I suppose lots of new things like this will begin to appear as they fleets are mixed around.

Pursuant to Subpart C of the Department’s Rules of Practice in Proceedings,
Delta Air Lines, Inc. (“Delta”), a designated non-incumbent carrier under the U.S.-Japan
Air Transport Services Agreement, hereby applies for an allocation of frequencies to
operate nonstop combination service on the following routes:
• Portland-Tokyo - 7 frequencies
• Guam-Tokyo – 7 frequencies
• Honolulu-Tokyo – 7 frequencies
On or about June 1, 2009, Delta plans to replace Northwest as the operating
carriers on the above-named routes. This will better enable the two carriers to align
capacity with demand. Delta will operate 221-seat Boeing 767-300ER aircraft, in lieu of
the 243 seat Airbus A-330-200 aircraft currently operated by Northwest. Northwest may
remain a marketing carrier on some or all of the routes by utilizing a portion of Delta’s
and Northwest’s existing allocation of U.S.-Japan same-country codeshare frequencies.
The change in operating carriers is tentatively scheduled for June 1; however, some of
these services could be transitioned as early as the beginning of the March 28, 2009
IATA Summer Season. Delta requests that any startup or dormancy condition run from
June 1, 2009.

Delta hereby gives notice of its intent to rely on its blanket route integration
authority (Order 2006-1-1), to serve the point Tokyo, Japan, which is currently named in
Delta’s certificate authority (Order 98-5-17 (Atlanta-Tokyo)), now from the additional U.S.
gateways named in this application.


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That's been out for a few months, HOWEVER, the Japanese Aviation Authority gives slots contingent on the aircraft used. You really can't say, "We're going to switch out the Airbus for the ER" without a lot of begging, pleading and "here's a free snow globe!" type stuff.