You are always welcome...

Monday night we had one of our own return to the nest for a visit. Jarryd Elloy (aka jelloy) stopped in for a visit. He completed the career program with us earlier this year, and is currently a flight instructor in Chicago. He and his student (flying a brand new Cirrus :drool:) stopped by for a visit and stayed with us at the school overnight to wait out the thunderstorm and snowstorm (it's Kansas weather :)). They left last night to continue their trip to the west coast. We enjoyed having them with us, and it is always fun to have former students come back to visit. We are very proud of Jarryd and of his accomplishments!
You are always welcome to come back home.



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You guys beat me too the punch! I was just about to start a post about the great Kansas style hospitality that Star Bright has to offer! The kind folks over there took me and my student in for the night, gave us a hanger (heated and all), let us use their car, supplied us with charts/plates, and even helped refuel our plane amidst blowing snow. We were greatly appreciative of their kind gestures and will be returning soon. Its good to see all you guys again and I hope to return the favor when you guys fly up to Chicago! Keep up the good work with the's looking great!