Yet another job for the Captain


In my experence, its always my fault.
I guess doing this beats the crossword

LONDON (AFP) – A budget airline wants to organise weddings in the sky, aiming to be the first carrier to let couples tie the knot at cruising altitude, it said Thursday.
Easyjet has applied to local authorities at its base at Luton airport, north of London, seeking permission for pilots to officiate in the sky-high nuptials.
"More and more couples are looking for an extraordinary wedding: under water, during parachute jumping, on the football ground -- creativity knows no bounds," said the airline.
"If our request is replied positively, then so-called 'floating on cloud nine' would get a new meaning for people in love," said Paul Simmons, easyJet?s UK regional general manager.
A "small charge" would be levied for the service if approved, a spokesman added.
Luton Borough Council said it was awaiting full details of the proposal before assessing whether it could approve in-flight weddings.
"We have only just received a letter from easyJet and will be responding in due course," said a council spokesman.
"While there are clearly laws governing marriage ceremonies, we are not yet aware of the full details of what easyJet are proposing to do, therefore it would be inappropriate to comment further."
Easyjet captain Jeffery Husson added: "To officiate a wedding is a special honour for me. It would be exciting, if I could marry couples above the clouds."

Insert Mile High club comments here....