XC Weekend


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I had two great milestones in my progress towards my license this past weekend. I did my very first solo to from KFTY to KANB and not having much time in any wind made for an interesting landing in KANB that I like to call the two bouncer.

I also had the privilege on Sunday of flying KFTY to KCHA and getting my first experience with class C airspace and clearance delivery.

All in all it was a great time, both solo and dual. I'm at 27.1 hours and my instructor tells me I only have night flight and my solo from KFTY to KCHA to C22 to KFTY left and some clean up work and I'm off to my check ride.

On the way back from KCHA my instructor put me under the hood once our transition was approved and I got to fly instrument all the way back to KFTY. We worked on unusual attitudes en route and all in all it was fun, the whole "close your eyes, open, wings level, power out!" scenario. Also it was kind of surprise to take the hood off and be about 2 miles out from the rwy at KFTY.

I'm really enjoying the privates and glad I have had an instructor that is very hard on me and makes me complete all my manuevers within 50% of FAA standards for PPL.

I'll keep you guys posted and let you know how things turn out at my check.