WWII Bomber over MD?


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As I was adding a quart of oil to my plane today at KDMW, the line-girl who was helping me said "there goes a big one." I looked up to see a four-engine, radial-piston aircraft skirting through a scattered layer at about 6,000 feet going from east to west. I couldn't tell if it was a B-17 or a B-29. I thought it was going to the Cleveland airshow, but the only bomber they have listed on the program is the B-17G "Yankee Lady", and it's registration number doesn't show an IFR flight on the east coast today.

Does anyone know what we saw?


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There's one of them type of airplanes that flies over the foothills of the front range near denver almost every weekend. Anyone out there know what type of plane it is? It does seem to have two vertical stabilizers and i think 2 engines.