Wow a lot of $!!!


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I never relized how expensive college is! 39,000-40,000 dollars a year. That is pretty damn exspensive! That dosnt even include the flight training all i have to say is WOW! I am only a freshman in highschool so help me understand a little bit, do most people take loans out from the school or the bank? How long do you have till you have to pay it back? Hope you can help! Thanks!

I know for a fact that UND doesn't cost that much. I think the average student from out of state spends around 100k, which includes flight training. That is still expensive but it is a great school and has some nice flow through agreements.
I looked at averages and even talked to them on phone and they said youll be paying in total right now subject to change [around 85,000$] not too bad for the type of school it is. Cant get any better then JDO,school of aerospace sciences. .not in a million!!!!!

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On the subject of loans, most of the people that I know that are going to college (both for aviation and normal schooling) have taken out student loans. People often get grants, financial aid, or take loans out from the bank. My sister is currently at college and has financial aid. These loans can take a while to pay off sometimes. In fact, my cousin who is almost 30 is still paying back student loans, so it can take a while to pay back loans depending on how much you make.