Would like an opinion on something.


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I have a few Instrument students now and live in Alabama. So the thunderstorms pop up about every afternoon. I am thinking of buying a Garmin 496 to use the XM weather to avoid the weather while training and doing cross countries, plus I have been wanting one anyway.
Do anyone think it would be inappropiate to charge like $5.00 for each flight to the student to help pay the monthly subscription to XM weather?


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Like any business, you pass your costs onto your customers, just don't tell them about it, just build it into the price you charge. Can you write it off on taxes?


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If you believe the 496 and XM weather will enhance your students' instructional experience and safety, by all means get it and adjust your rates accordingly.

I agree with Bill, however, in that I wouldn't specify that it's for your shiny new toy (I realize it's a tool, but that's how some students might see it). Just let them know you're raising your rates for instrument (or all) instruction by X amount. Given the current economy with fuel and staple prices going up, I don't imagine it will need much justification.


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I agree with the others. Nickel and diming clients/customers to pay for a specific piece of equipment is tacky - only lawyers and hospitals seem to get away with that sort of stuff. Increasing your hourly rates to account for your business expenses is a part of every day business.


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I would only be trying to get the $50.00 a month that the subscription to XM weather is. Not trying to raise the fee to pay for the unit itself.
So actually the cost per flight may would only need to be 2 or 3 dollars to cover the monthly subscription.