Women in Aviation Conference: Anyone Go?


If it ain’t a Boeing, I’m not going. No choice.
Did anyone attend WIA in Atlanta? I was wondering what the tone was like this year? Did the speakers talk about the current hiring climate? Were a lot of attendees furloughed?

I know that conference is usually extraordinarily positive. Wondered what it was like this year.
I am sorry I missed it. I heard Captain Destiny Houston and FO Cherry Angel were fantastic. :nana2:


Sorry, had to be done. :eek:
Thinking of all the hot, hot women that work in aviation, I think I'm going to put it on my Outlook Calendar for next year. Right after my buddies and I cruise for women at Comicon.

I went. The mood was upbeat and lots of agencies, companies but the reality is with the exception of Boeing and Customs/Border Patrol, I could not find anyone hiring.

The majors said they were not only not hiring but most were not even taking apps. The entry level for majors continued to demonstrate they were going to suck up their applicants from the regionals as were the fractionals with 1500tt and significant PIC jet/turboprop time.

On the other hand with the majors handing off routes to the regionals, the push was for dispatchers .

Funny thing was seeing packs of women moving through the freebies just like the guys.. didn't matter what the freebie was.. they would hit a table like locust going through the wheat fields. GONE!
I need to find out when/where it's going to be next year so we can do some marketing....
Heard it was going to be at Disney again next year, at the Coronado Resort.