Windy Winter Wonderland


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Can you see the direction of the wind?


Can you see the taxiway centerline? Its there somewhere.


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Really thought that the last picture was some kind of overview shot. Didn't realize you were on a taxiway...


El Chupacabra
Looks like a normal day at work here. Except that there's not enough snow. You'd need at least another 6 inches. :D


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One of the things you don't see flying around Florida. I can't say that I'm really looking forward to the cold.


Hubschrauber Flieger
When I used to fly out of ROC there were times the snowbanks on the sides of the taxiways were a hazard for high-wings.


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Reminds me of everyday flying up here! Nothing new.:rolleyes:

It's real fun to take student pilots out onto the runway when it's a little icy and see their reaction when we land in a crab and we never catch dry pavement, just keep going down the runway sideways.