Will Scholiosis disqualify my son?


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My son is 16 and wants to learn to fly. He suffer from Marfans Syndrome, He has a steel rod in his back, and is seeing a heart doctor for a distended Aorta. Te condition is closely monitored. I am wondering if he can fly with these disorders.

My Flight Surgeon

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The FAA will want to see copies of the medical records related to the scoliosis and the aorta. If he can safely function and has the mobility required to safely operate an aircraft, the scoliosis should not be a problem. The FAA will want the results of the aortic imaging study and may require a routine follow-up imaging on a regular basis.

A medial is not out of the question, just a couple more hoops to pass through.:)


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just an example, my brother also had that when he was a teenager and had metal rods put in his back. He's now a pilot for a major airline on the east coast.