Will ATP cover the AGI written if we want to take it?


I dought they will re-emburse you as it is not required however I would recommend taking it either way. I took mine the same day I took my CFII & IGI as all 3 are the same.
I have a question.
What is AGI?

Advanced Ground Instructor -- for commercial, multiengine or ATP ground instruction, If I'm not mistaken.
No, they come from the FIA test bank (Flight Instructor Airplane). Which is one of the two writtens taken for CFI. I'm not sure how the multi works into it, so can't speak on that portion. There are like 5 pages in the back of my Gleim book for FIA that has a few additional questions that are on the AGI written pool as well, though a majority of the questions come from the FIA pool. I've not decided if I will take the FIA or AGI first, to help me 'remember' in case I have the same exact questions on the second test (which is very likely).
I could have taken it when I was in the Career Pilot Program for an extra $80.00. Now that I would qualify as a Gold Seal Flight Instructor I wish I would have. You must have an AGI to apply for a Gold Seal.