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I have had my PPL since June and my wife has yet to fly with me. I have asked several times and she always says sure, but when it comes time to go, something seems to happen. I busted my tail to get the PPL and I want to share that good feeling with others. I am just finishing up my IFR training now and I am almost positive she will not go then if there is any chance of clouds. I am just wondering how others may have dealt with this problem?
I have a friend who owns a Cherokee ... for the longest time his wife would not fly with him. Then, she'd only do it on VFR days in smooth air. Then, she'd go IFR with him. But recently, she's refusing altogether. When they travel, he flies the airplane, she takes the airlines, and they meet at the other end.

As to your situation ... ask her why she hasn't flown with you ... if she's afraid, find out why. Maybe a good intro would be for her to backseat an instructional flight with you ... so that there would be two qualified pilots up front, might put her at ease. Talk to her, try to work it out ... if you can, great, if not, well there are always some people who just don't want to fly in small aircraft. My mom was that way for a long time. Then, I showed up to pick her up from an overseas flight in the Duchess, and she had no choice but to ride along. Since then, she's decided that she prefers flying with me to riding the airlines.

Good luck ...

Tell she is grounded! No phone, no computer, no tv, no dinner, until she flies with you!! JK-that would probably get you into divorce court. I agree that you need to get to the bottom of the reason why. If it's just not been convenient then maybe try to make a special surprise date. Have a picnic in the plane before take off, and then just say, "ok, we're going and nuttin you can do about it!" Lol.
Ask her to talk with some other partners that have flown in light GA aircraft before. She may be able to share some of her questions and concerns with them, and they may be able to give some insight about what it's like.

Girlfriend has flown with me in many different flight conditions, from clear days and smooth rides, to and ILS approach almost to minimums in rain and at night.

Just remember, if she is already uneasy about it, make sure that the first ride is in silky-smooth air on a clear day. Then, take your time and take it from there!!

I know a pilot that hasn't been able to get his wife comfortable in light aircraft in over 20 years. Some people just never get over it!!
Don't rush her. I have had my Private license since 1996. My wife of 4+ years who I began dating in 1993 did not fly with me for the first time until this past summer. (I did take a hiatus from flying from November 1998 until June 2002.)

If you really pressure her and it is a little bumpy or something goes slightly wrong, it could be tough to get her back up with you. That was my biggest fear anyway.

One day we (my wife and I) were in the car with a friend of mine who happens to be a flight instructor and the topic of her fear of flying with me came up. He helped me comfort her about the whole idea and that afternoon she asked me to take her with me. It was a beautiful day and very smooth out. I called another CFI friend of mine to verify that the skies were smooth before we headed to the airport. Turns out that I may have been more nervous than she was. I was so scared I would do something to scare her and she would never get back into the plane with me.

Just be sure to explain everything to her. Talk out loud through everything you do. Explain what you are doing next before you do it. Tell her before you reduce power, before you turn, before you descend.

Good Luck to you.
My wife went up with me for the first time a few days after my PPL checkride. She wasn't scared, it was a great flight, squeaked the landings, but she's totally blase about the whole thing. She hasn't been up with me since, and unless there's some utility, I doubt she would again. I envy those guys whose wives are really into it.
What I personally did to get my girlfriend up with me is I told her about it ahead of time and made it a date but I made it like I was so excited that we would be able to go so it would be hard for her to say no. I then encouraged her that it was only a short flight to get lunch and then we would come right back after lunch. So we went and I made sure that I didn't do anything fast and made very shallow turns. I would stick with straight and level flight with very small turns and slow power reductions and make sure she knows everything you are doing before you do it. Goodluck
One word answer: Drugs!

My wife won’t even get on an airliner unless she’s been sedated. Therefore, I don’t even ask her to fly with me. I’m afraid that she’d freak out once we were airborne and I hate to have to fight her and a crosswind landing at the same time.

I feel your pain, best of luck.
Mine has only went up once with me on a short trip over Disney when I lived in Orlando. You would have thought she was going to die and we only had one little bump. But then again she didnt take her first ever plane ride until 1999. Now she swears only to fly if there are FA's and a movie..
that's too bad... they're really missing out on some great "you can never see this in a big plane" trips!!
My wife will not fly with me or anyone I have had my PPL since before we where maired. She alows the kids to go up and always talks her freinds in to leting me pick them up and fly them dowm for a vist but 10 years of amrige and she will not even step in to a plane
My wife LOVED to fly with me (or pretended to) at first....God bless `er. But, after two flights where we got a few bumps from thermals - that's all it took and no more. She will not fly with me.

Her Christmas Present last year - her own headset - has gone unused by her. I use them as my spare set now and my friends wear them when they go with me.
I bet that that not the only thing she was faking. Just kidding dude, gotta take the freebies every once in while!
What about trying a helicopter ride first? I had a lot more fun in a helicopter then I did in a plane.
I bet that that not the only thing she was faking. Just kidding dude, gotta take the freebies every once in while!

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It's all good, bunnyboy.
What about trying a helicopter ride first? I had a lot more fun in a helicopter then I did in a plane.

[/ QUOTE ]
That's interesting. My wife doesn't mind riding in the plane (as long as she takes some Dramamine if there's any bumps), but hated a helicopter ride she took quite a few years back. Motion sick (probably didn't help that she was pregnant at the time
I bet it was the pregancy cause I felt a lot more stable and really enjoyed being able to see more of the sights. Have her give it another try!
My wife has been for two airplane rides with me in the almost 15 years we've been together. Once when we were dating, about 15 years ago, and one time she rode along during an instrument lesson, about four years ago.

I use to always mention that she should go for a ride and she kind of dismissed it. Now, I think she is starting to come around and if I mention it, she claims she'll go.

I have had to bribe her a little though. She's not fond of flying, but she does love to shop. There's a Mall that she likes to go to that has an airport about 1/2 mile from it. Wouldn't take long to fly there, but takes about 2 1/2 hours to drive. That will probably be one of our destinations this year.

On second thought, maybe it's not such a good idea.
My wife will only go on the plane if we have a destination. Shopping destinations rank right up there, too.

Flew to Charlevoix, Michigan a few years back in a Bonanza. Walked into town from the airport (about 1 mile). Wife found an antique bookshelf, so we lugged that back to the plane, hoping that the dang thing would fit through the door when we got there! It did (whew).
One day I'm going to fly skibum up to Boyne for a day of skiing...one day...


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