Who is ready for Isabel???????


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Who out there on the east coast is ready for Isabel? High winds, surging waters, terrential rains.
God I love KC!!!!!! Never have to deal with 'canes. I guess we get tornadoes instead.


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No school for the rest of the week
. I work for a hanger leasing company and you should see how packed our hanger is. I think we have 35 airplanes a side.
I just hope no trees fall on my house


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Hey, I'm ready....i got everything i need to ride out the storm...boy..i would love to be at the beach just to see what it's like..the say it's a possibility that the eye will come right over us here in raleigh...just a chance...i love a good adventure...hey..anybody want to go fly into the storm..just joking..


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If you love a good adventure, then I suggest you volunteer in the cleanup/rebuilding effort. It will be quite the adventure for you helping those who's loved ones have been lost, who's homes have been destroyed, and who's lives have been turned upside down. Yeah, great adventure.


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I heard for you over there, that it's good to turn your fridge down so that if you lose power your food will stay cold longer, and also put your important papers in ziplocks so they don't get any water damage.


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All we're getting is some huge swells and dangerous rip currents, breezy for Thursday, and some gusty (20-30 MPH) showers for friday, but the weekend's looking good.


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I'm ready for Isabel. I got all the TP that I need to last through a few days of a storm and I also have some soda, beer, wine, and food.

The thing is, if the power goes out, and I have to drink all the cold beverages quickly in order to make sure they are consumed when they are cold, I might be in a world of hurt.

I think I'll take the plants off the balcony so that they don't get whipped around too badly.


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My girlfriend's cousin's daughter doesn't have school tomorrow here in Nj near Atlantic City. I took a walk to the beach a few minutes ago, and everyone is out there just enjoying the waves crashing beneath the boardwalk. I'll take a walk out there later tonight to see if it has gotten any worse. the winds are picking up, but not terrible yet, gusts to 40mph at the moment.


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All you need to know about this storm is that they're playing football in Blacksburg, VA tonight.

It's the media overhyping things again. Why can't they just say, look, this is going to be a nasty night. We'll get a lot of rain, a little wind damage, and no, you shouldn't be out on the roads unless you've got an emergency. But take reasonable precautions and you'll be fine.


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Why can't they just say, look, this is going to be a nasty night. We'll get a lot of rain, a little wind damage, and no, you shouldn't be out on the roads unless you've got an emergency.

[/ QUOTE ]
Because the minute somebody's house/trailer/tree got blown off the face of the earth, John Q. Public would start screaming about how the media didn't give it enough attention.

They err on the side of caution.

Believe me - having grown up in Tampa, we get this every year. It's lame to continually get these hurricane warnings and then all you get is rain and a few strong gusts, but when you see the effects of one of these things, you understand the "hype".

Also.. it damn sure beats the alternative - which is actually getting nailed by one.

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Re: Storm of the century (of the week)

Sorry to hear about not getting a new hot tub.

I feel your pain. Maybe the next storm of the century of the week.

There is the winter blizzard season starting up, so maybe you'll get lucky then!