Who here has taken a loan?


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For those of you who have taken a loan for your flight training. I have a few questions for you:
-who did you get your loan through?
-how much did you take out?
-how much will you end up having to pay by the time you pay it off?
-and how much are your monthly payments?
Thanks for you help.
-Sallie Mae
-more than I wanted to, but not nearly as much as some folks have
-more than the prinicpal amount
-$230 (but, we pay more than the minimum payment)

That help?
I haven't taken a loan mostly because I just started training and for money I am okay right now. Sorry I couldn't be of more help
-Suntrust and Government
-I took out $11,000 dollars through suntrust and about $3,000 dollars from the Government.
-Between the both of them it will be around $23,000 dollars once it is paid off.
-As far as monthly payments, the suntrust loan is only $115.00 per month for 15 years, and the Gov. is $50.00 per month.
-The rest of the money came from the bank of Mom and Dad which I will have to pay some of it back someday.

Hope this helps.


P.S. Suntrust is very quick in getting the money to you.
I have so many loans it makes me want to cry. I only see that increasing as I pursue the rest of my ratings and look into getting my Master's. I received loans from the government and Bank One education/career loans. The only good thing about education/career loans is that the interest rates are really low, especially if you consolidate.
I currently have about $12,000 of Sallie Mae's money. Most(a very big majority) schools that know how much of a loan you have will try and get all of it in your training. If possible I would suggest a personal loan sent to you, but if that isn't possible, be prepared for some expensive training bills LOL!!!!!!!!!!
34,000.00 Sallie Mae. And I don't want to think about the repayment amount. The payment is 360.00 per month.