Who are the ATP Instructors?


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Just heard about this site and thought I'd check it out. I'm wondering who the ATP Instructors that post to this site are? (not real names, just handles)

I see that SIG is an ACP and am just curious how much people know about the company? Reading through the posts I see a lot of wrong answers.

Just to clarify...SIG is an instructor. SIGAV8R (me)...I am an ACPP student right now down in the Dallas office. But unless you have any concerns, I could probably help answer some of your questions.

I guess I should clarify, I too am an ATP instructor, I am just curious who else is. A lot of the posts I read had some mis-stated and/or incorrect information and I was wondering if it was instructors or otherwise giving the info.
And flyinfool is sig number three on the board, Wong!

There's another one in RIV.

I'm doing your Pairing 302 ground stuff next week.