Whiskey Romeo Zulu- A MUST See


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My gf picked this movie up for my at the library last night, and I just finished it. It is an absolute must see for everyone in aviation I think...

Whisky Romeo Zulu (2005) is an Argentine drama film, directed by Enrique Piñeyro and written by Piñeyro and Emiliano Torres. Aqua Films' Verónica Cura was the executive producer and Enrique Piñeyro was the producer.[1]
The drama is based on the experiences of Enrique Piñeyro, former airline pilot turned whistle-blower, who became a film actor-director, and of the August 31, 1999 LAPA (Líneas Aéreas Privadas Argentinas) airline accident.
The LAPA Boeing 737-200 plane, LAPA flight 3142, went into flames after crashing into a mound in midtown Buenos Aires, causing the death of 65 people, and severely injuring 17.
The film's basic theme: the general corrosive deregulation, the greedy cost-cutting corporations, and the corrupt government officials, found in the Argentine airline industry.
The film is named after the NATO phonetic alphabet version of the identifier of the accident aircraft, LV-WRZ (Lima Victor - Whisky Romeo Zulu)

The trailer is in Spanish, but the DVD obviously has subtitles. The director/main actor plays himself in the movie, so everything as far as I can tell is extremely accurate. Again, a must see...




We all hate it, but it is what it is. That said, hanging the crew should not be the #1 priority in any aviation accident. Otherwise you never give enough time to causes #2 through infinity.

If anyone hasn't seen Whisky Romeo Zulu yet, please rent it. Hell, buy it if you can find it. From a pilot turned writer turned actor / director. The most factual based aviation safety film out there.


To that end, it's clear the Washington Post is out to hang the crew. Yeah, okay, these guys violated sterile cockpit. But, violating sterile cockpit didn't bring the plane down. Something else happened, find out what the hell it was.


So a little while back I saw a post made by Surreal talking about this movie. I did some research and added it to my netflix list. Finally got a chance to watch it, great movie. If anyone else hasn't seen it, I suggest trying to find it.

The film shows the story behind the crash of LAPA flight 3142. The main actor in the film was a former LAPA pilot.

From Wikipedia :
The film Whisky Romeo Zulu brought the story of the accident to the silver screen. It starred and was written and directed by Enrique Piñeyro, an actor, doctor, and former LAPA pilot.
The film is a fictional reproduction of the background of the accident as seen through the eyes of Piñeyro himself, who was actually a LAPA pilot from 1988 to 1999. Piñeyro resigned from his position in June 1999—just two months before the accident—after voicing his concerns about the airline's safety policy."
Great movie.
The guy also produced a second movie called "Air Force, Incorporated" ... also a must see.
Ive got both movies for my birthday, and they're quite an eye opener for anybody that flies down there...