Which road to take?


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My biggest question is why ASA would suddenly re-initiate their hiring program with FSA and just as quickly shut it down. I'm sure they know how many people are in their hiring pool and they must be equally aware of the high qualifications of the many displaced pilots with applications in. Now, FSI is stuck holding out hope that the program will be re-revived.
The safest bet would be to complete the normal CFI program, wait in that pool for a year or two(Baronman
) and instruct at the academy. Then, when you have enough hours, you can fly for ASA, ACA, CoN-AIR or whoever. As for the ASA instructor track, why would they even offer it when they have a big deep pool of CFIs just waiting for the call to come back and instruct? <---rhetorical question.
A year or two in the waiting pool?!? I'm already down into the high teens-low 20's.....I think my total wait will have been 6-7 months to instruct at FSA. I think about 80% of us have found instructing jobs elsewhere and of those 3/4 will want to return to Vero.
I waited about 6 months in the pool and that was when it was at its worst (just after 911). The numbers now are about half what they were then. Instructors are leaving FSI at a fairly reqular place and enrollments appear to be up. I would quess that in a year or so the CFI wait list may be a distant memory. (or so my magic 8 ball tells me)
I guess it just seems like its been a while to me. I've been trying to keep up with how long you've been done versus when you will get the call. I'm sure the time flies faster when you are instructing instead of waiting tables or greeting at Wal-Mart, so the move to a "temporary" flight school instructing job makes sense. Mercifully, ACA has grabbed a lot of CFIs from FSI, so the line continues to move at least.
Hey Visceral...I have to agree with you that it has seemed like a long time since I was hired but really it's only been about 41/2 months. Although greeting at Walmart seemed attractive I'm happy instructing back in my home town. You know what? I'm fortunate to have this opportunity away from Flight Safety, it's nice to get outside of Florida and do some flying. I'm flying different aircraft (I haven't flown a Piper in months!), and overall I'm sure I'm going to have alot more to offer my students in the future at Flight Safety. I agree with whomever said that the longer road (not the quickest) usually has the most desireable outcome. And to those who say, "what good does sitting in a Cadet/seminole do when I want to fly in an airline?" just wait and see...If you're putting out a good effort instructing you're truly sharpening your skills.
Yeah, flying outside of Florida would mess my sheet up. I am used to flying patterns at 1000 ft and taking for granted the ground was 995 ft below me every where I go. It would mess me up to have a DH at 1500ft.