Which direction?


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Ok, so I'm finding myself at a cross road. I've sought the advice of fellow co-workers, to mainline guys as I commute and take what I read here, all mostly with a grain of salt. I know that its easy to give advice on an forum, and no one really knows what position I'm in, but I'll ask with hopes that something sparks true. So, here it is.

I feel that the 135 corporate/charter side would be a better fit for my personality, but I can't go without a job. I'm 34, single with few bills and only a dog to look after. Roughly 1700hrs, 1300 multi and 1000 turbine. I've been beating down the door of the few 135 charter ops here in San Antonio, and keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

So this month, I have a conditional job offer at Ameriflight, 99 in Tx or possibility of Metro in CVG. So, I'd get TPIC from the start and better pay 1st year than any regional. Plus the 99 would keep me close to home, but still have to move in either plane. Or move for better pay for the Metro, if that offer will be standing.

I interview this week at RAH and PSA mid month. I've been emailed by Eagle to set up an interview over the next week and CommutAir towards the end. Express Jet sent me a "we are reviewing your resume" and haven't heard from SW yet.. I do have a good connection at Compass that I haven't used yet.

What say you people of the interwebz? Not trying to start a my airline is better than your airline war, just curious..
Great Lakes to 'meriflight?

Like a good swift kick in the junk?

Something about flying boxes and not hearing "What is the inflight movie/why is the plane so small/where is the bathroom/what dinner will be served" does sound like bliss! I'm not above flying anything, I'd fly a 172 if the pay and QOL were right!

And yes to answer your question, just like the coach from Beavis and Butthead!
Why don't you stay at GL? You already put in some time there, why not wait for that quick upgrade and then bail?

Quick upgrade is fading,with a lack of FO's walking in the door and the remaining ones walking. Junior manning, 34/7 and 120hrs a month will be the new normal soon. Most junior captains are on reserve and sitting right seat all month. At this point I'd rather stay as an FO at MSP with my choice of lines than sitting number 8 captain at FOD with only 2 lines.

Not bashing Lakes, they haven't lied to me about anything and have actually given a great opportunity to this point. I am just tired and beaten up and not looking forward to what will have to be done if I decide to stay.