Which ATP location is the busiest?


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Just curious which location has the most flight activity for ATP? Also which location has the most ACP students?

I'd be curious how much activity is in Trenton, NJ?

Are the locations offering ACP inherently busier?
'Busy' is a relative term. If you say 'busy' in the sense of total flight hours at a location then yes, ACP locations would normally be more busy than non-ACP locations.

But all locations are scaled, so instructors normally get roughly the same ammount of hours per month, no matter where they are. Or to put it another way, your normally get the same ammount of attention from your instructor, no matter where you attend one of our courses. /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif

As far as 'busy' locations, Atlanta is busy, Dallas, Jacksonville, Phoenix, Washington and Sacramento.


I have driven to Trenton twice without calling ahead and both times I found no one around. No planes either. Only 2 instructors are in this place but they seem like they are always in the air! I really wanted to meet with them.

Hey thenks, let me know if you find someone. I am only asking since it is the closest location to my family (since I have been away from them for several years now).