Which airlines will replace there planes with certain types of aircraft?


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Choose as many airlines as you want & as many types of aircraft the airline has in their fleet & tell maybe what type of aircraft will replace that aircraft in the next couple of years & tens of years to come.

I'm gonna start off with American Airlines. I really love their MD-80's so it will just be a broken heart to me to see them go. But it will probably be around 2010 before they start thinking about replacing these aircraft with perhaps some 737's (maybe the 738's). In a few years when AA starts making money enough to where they can purchase new aircraft they will probably start off by replacing their 767's & 757's with the 7E7 b/c some of there aircraft will need to be replaced in a few years. There F100's are around 10 years old but they can use CRJ-700's, MD-80's, & 737-800's to fill in for those routes.

Anything you want to add, perhaps about another carrier.


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Midwest Airlines will have to overhaul there fleet of 9's and 80's


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If I'm not mistaken, Northwest's DC-9's are on average 30 years old; when do they plan on retiring them or have they started yet? And with what type of aircraft?


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NW just retired its DC-10-40 fleet (replaced them with 757-300s, a downgrade as far as pax comfort is concerned). And NW is in the process of replacing its DC-10-30s and 747-200s with A330-300 and A330-200. (see: http://www.nwa.com/corpinfo/newsc/2003/pr082620031195.html )Originally the A330s were only to replace the 10s, but NW has recently decided to retire the entire 747-200 fleet, so unless they cut more flights or put in another order for more A330s or 744s, I'd imagine the old 10s (some of which aren't that old, i.e., newer than some 767s) will be around for a while.

As for the DC-9 fleet, NW made a smart move by not ordering new A/C, but instead buying used 9s and sinking a couple mil into refubishing them. This has been a great benefity to NW with the current industry downturn--their books look much better than some of the majors, like CO--which did the opposite and ordered an entirely new Boeing fleet when the industry was doing much better. The 9s will be around for a while, but some are being replaced with A319/A320s and Pinnacle CRJs.


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All airlines should replace their entire fleets with nothing but 747-400's!!!

Everyone has dreams................................

[/ QUOTE ]

Well at least you chose a Boeing aircraft b/c if you chose Scarebus then I would've probably asked you how much vodka did it take to get you to say that.

Just a little joke so don't take it seriously now.

I don't really hate Airbus. It's just that I like Boeing better & everybody has their own opinion.

I think that Northwest should replace their DC-9's with the 717's. Or maybe the A318.


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AA's F100's need to go and I've read that AA might be interested in the 717-300 that Boeing is courting Star with. Yes, I know that AA let go of TWA's 712's but that was done strictly b/c they didn't want yet another fleet type. A 713 would be a nice addition to AA. From what I understand (and I may be wrong) the MD-80 pilots would only need to go through differences training for the 717's, so training costs would be minimal.

The DC-9's at NW aren't going anywhere anytime soon so that's out. A 712 would be a nice replacement but it's not going to happen.

US Air is will eventually replace their 757's and 767's and I'm hoping by then they will have made up with Boeing. I'd love to see the 7E7 flying for USAir instead of the A321.

Now that KLM is being assimilated by Air France you can expect strong pressure for them to start buying Airbus. That will be real interesting to see... stayed tuned!

I think DL will be an ideal candidate for the 7E7's and I certainly wouldn't mind seeing a 713 in DAL's livery. But, given DAL's allegence to the 738's, I doubt that will happen.

The Star order is assumed to be announced by the end of this year or very early next year. Let's all keep our fingers crossed for the 713!