Where to look????


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Well for the last year I have monitored different job boards sites. Some are not that good, some are very good, and some say they have aircraft dispatcher sites just to get your email then bombarded you with useless alerts (very annoying). So here is an interesting topic that might be helpful to newcomers in finding jobs, such as my self. Where to look for them?

What I have found in the past year.
Simply Hired and Indeed seem to have the most update and good assortment of Aircraft Dispatcher listings. Though many are Limousine, Police, and taxi dispatcher listing. Sifting through these I found a lot of good listings. Trovit is also okay but there usually a little late however they sometimes have ones not listed on the other two.

Here is also a good place, the listings usually are pretty quick and up to date. Ether by the fellow members or the job forum for members only. They also have some that are not listed else where.

While these sights are good some listings still slip through the cracks.

Does anyone else know of a good sight to look at or set up an alert to find that job.
Honestly, other than indeed... the best thing to do is just check each airlines job site daily. With postings such as Southwest, a lot of times by the time it shows up in Indeed, its already been taken down.
http://www.jsfirm.com/ Sometimes this place has ones that indeed doesn't pick up. Rarely though.

When I was looking I bookmarked every single airline in the USA's website and checked the careers pages myself several times a week. I looked, but it seems I have since deleted that folder and all backups of it so you'll have to find the links yourself.

I found this list helpful, though outdated in alot of cases: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_airlines_of_the_United_States
That's exactly it. I check the career board of every airline that doesn't have connection, express, or eagle written on the side of their airplane several times a day. Also networking is huge. I've been tipped off by my network of postings that will be made in the very near future.
I have had the best luck with my school's web site, airline web sites, or word of mouth. Of course, even with networking, you usually have to apply on the company web site in order for your resume to be considered. My last (and hopefully, the last until I retire) job I got after applying through the company web site (a major airline.) So yes, I think bookmarking airline websites and regularly checking there is a good plan also. And keep applying away, sometimes it takes a while before you get "noticed" by a major and called back.