Where can an MEI get insured?


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After getting my CFIIMEI's done I bought the AOPA Insurance, but it only covers "Single Engine less than 450 horsepower" airplanes. So I cancelled that and ended up only getting the legal insurance package in case something goes wrong. Does anybody know where an MEI can get AD&D coverage that will actually cover them in a multi? It's my understanding that there's only a couple aviation insurance companies out there, but I haven't done much research. I don't even have a name to begin with. Anyone know anything?
Are you crazy? I really don't think they offer any insurance for an MEI. This is the most dangerous flying you will be doing in your entire career...it is 10x more dangerous than instructing in a single engine plane.
Good Luck!
You can get insurance from Falcon Insurance Co., through NAFI if you're a member. Its freakin rediculously expensive, but I don't believe there's a limit to what it covers as far as aircraft. Although I could be wrong, I saw the price tag and stuffed it in a drawer someplace....haven't seen it in awhile...
Hey Mike, April...

Yes, Falcon Insurance thru NAFI will cover you as an MEI. It is a little expensive, but it is a LOT cheaper than *cough* taxiing a plane into another one in Pensacola...

The policies have limits. I'm covered up to 10K worth of "other plane" damages, and 250K for damage to the plane I'm flying, in addition to the accidental death/injury coverage.

Most importantly (but least important to you two and I, considering where we work), you're covered for malpractice lawsuits if somebody augers in himself and his family in a Seneca and you signed him off for his MIFR ride... we're already covered for all of that (up to 2 million).

Thanks Z...we'll look into it! Do you have that insurance or just the liability (basically is it worth getting right now?)
.....time well spent in JAX!
Well, I have the whole shebang. 10K might not sound like a lot, but it should cover the deductible IF the other insurance company doesn't subrogate the crumpled tin's entire cost to my wallet.

The rest of the stuff is good for liability as a CFI way down the road. There are ways to CYA so well that a jury couldn't possibly come after you, but we're human, busy and tired; we might forget to do some of those things, leaving us open.

For sure, though- you'll see SO MUCH the first ten hours of instructing, you'll want the insurance. SERIOUSLY.
Signed up for NAFI today. The Insurance isn't cheap compared to AOPA's deal, but I'm sure it'll be worth it God forbid something happens out there. Didn't notice any disclaimer excluding Multi's either.