What's new at Purdue?


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What\'s new at Purdue?

What's happening at Purdue these days? Just thought someone should post here since nothing has been added since March! Anything new or interesting happening in Boilerville these days?

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Re: What\'s new at Purdue?

Basically, the same old stuff. The aviation department is picking up some Seminoles to replace the aging Dutchesses. Apparently, it's getting too expensive to fly the Dutchesses because replacement parts for them are hard to come by.

Up on main campus, some new buildings are going up. The school of management is getting a new building, right across from Krannert on Grant Street (next to the parking lot). We're also getting a new "Discovery Park" which is going to be a bunch of new buildings that's going to do research into nanotechnologies.

On top of all of this we're experiencing a budget crunch. It's nice to see Purdue has prostituted this great institution to the corporate world for a bunch of new buildings that we don't need. What we do need is more dorms, but apparently no one wants to put their name on a new dorm.