Whats it like in IAH and HOU today


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Just a short part of the SI article.

Fortune: They're having problems finding places to park all the private jets at Houston's Hobby Airport. Between the entertainers and athletes and agents and TV execs and corporate bigwigs around here, it's clear that flying commercial is for chumps.


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It looked like all the GA ramps at IAH were pretty full this morning when I took off. We used 15L so I had a pretty good view.


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I worked yesterday and looked up HOU on our FlyteTracks to see all the inbounds due in for the Super Bowl. It looked like TEB on a Sunday from what I have seen on there. To name a few on the A/C inbound:
MGM Grands MD-80 (Believe it was MGM, could be an 88)
NetJets out the Yaz they were putting BBJs and many GIVs plus Excels etc
A few chartered 727s and 757 from CLT and BOS and BED
and just about everything inbetween from all corners of the country.

I am sure it would have been a sight to be seen for any BizJet fans.
Did any of our fellow corp./fracs guys have a flight in there this week?