What would you classify ATP as?


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What would you classify ATP as? To me it is sort of like big academy flava with FBO cost..

The academies are for the most part Part 142, ATP is Part 61... Though I do know part 142 flying clubs/fbos.

You could probably find cheaper training (not for PPL- guarenteed) at FBOs, but I think you really get more for your buck for the whole training course. Yet still, ATP is much cheaper than most of the other larger schools.

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What do you classify ATP as?
Really fast not quite as expensive academy??? If you do the PPL with them then you are looking at what 5 months for all the ratings and ~39,000?
37,990, so yeah, about 39,000+ when you throw in living expenses (you gotta eat).

I plan to enter with about 45000 if I can, for extra supplies and expenses.

My eyes still boggle at the price of the PPL portion.. 4995 for 80 hours in 172!
that's 85 actually. and when you do the ppl with them, after the checkride, they introduce you to instrument flying. so you're ahead of the game when you enter into the career pilot portion of training. Great deal!