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I was issued a first class medical in June of 2013. I am supposed to start training on Nov 4, but yesterday I and my AME received a letter from the FAA saying that they need some information regarding a one time event from 5 years ago that due to a crazy amount of stress and no sleep during my board exams, I thought I was having heart issues. Turned out it was nothing but my body telling me to slow down. The rest of the story is coming....

Anyhow, my AME who is also a cardiologist (whom I chose to make sure all is well) before he would issue my first class medical, he had me undergo a bunch of testing that he said the FAA would require. So I did an echocardiogram, stress test and EEG as he requested so that he could make sure everything was working the way it should.

After the onslaught of tests, he said I am healthy as a horse at 37 years old and issued my first class medical with no hesitation and submitted everything to the FAA.

So the letter that the FAA sent us yesterday, is requesting us to provide everything that we had already given them, results from an EEG, echocardiogram and a stress test for review as well as my FAA medical file. He and I are both perplexed with this and he is going to see what he needs to do to unravel this mess. What concerns me is that I'm required to have a first class medical to start at ATP, which now because of this, I can't start as planned which really irritates the heck out of me. With the government shutdown, am I screwed?? I tried calling Oklahoma City for clarification, but got a msg about being closed due to the shutdown.

Any ideas as what to do, who to contact, or how long this process may take? I have heard under normal circumstances, 8-10 weeks without the shutdown issues.

Thanks Doc!
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1) Your First Class is valid until June 2014 - start your job!!
2) They just want copies to cross the T's and dot the I's
So I still hold my 1st Class even though the letter says "we are unable to establish your eligibility to hold an airman medical certificate at this time." And "it is your responsibility to provide the requested information necessary to determine eligibility for medical certification. No consideration can be given for issuance until All requested information is received in its entirety."

It also says I have "not been denied"

My AME made a copy of his file for me to send as requested and he is doing the same.

Am I correct in understanding that since they didn't request for my medical cert and student pilot cert to be returned, I still hold them until told otherwise by the FAA?

I just want to make sure I'm doing things the correct way.

Thank you again!
I had a similar experience. They sent us a letter saying we needed to send them XYZ test, which we we had sent and even had the receipt for the copies. Once we sent it again, they were happy. The toughest part of the whole exercise is to resist the overwhelming urge to explain to them how much you wish they would do their job correctly in the first place.
Awesome! Thanks guys! And although this is very frustrating, it's not so much the FAA that's irritating me. I understand their concern is safety and I get that. The problem is not being able to get a hold of anyone to discuss this. Thanks again Doc for clarifying this for me!