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Hello everyone, I am currently at a crossroad and I need some help deciding what to do next. Just some background; I am currently attending UND with a double major in Commercial Aviation and Business Finance with a minor in Meteorology. I am finishing up the commercial/multi/instrument course this semester and I will be done with everything up until CFI/CFII/MEI.

This is where my dilemma begins. I can continue next semester and take CFI at UND, or go home for this spring and do CFI/CFII part 61, which will be significantly cheaper and I would be able to finish both CFI and CFII in the time that I would complete CFI at UND. I should also be able to do some other classes that I need for UND at the community college in Oregon. This would reduce my tuition significantly and I would be living at home as well which would be nice (and cheaper).

It is really tempting to go home and do that; I would then switch my Commercial Aviation major to Aviation Management and I would be spared of doing the CRJ course at UND as well. Everyone says that CFI is the most important course at UND and you learn the most; I personally believe that it is up to the individual the amount of information and knowledge they get but I can’t help but wonder if it would be a mistake to just do the Aviation Management which basically takes you up to CFI rather than doing the whole Commercial Aviation degree with CFI and everything.

I would like to be a CFI at UND my remaining years; I don’t really know how this would affect my chances of hiring though. Getting out of the -35F weather and getting some flying experience outside of UND would be amazing though. It would be nice to get more experience elsewhere and perhaps even experience some part 61 stuff rather than just staying in the UND training bubble.

I would really appreciate any advice on the matter. Thanks.


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I would really appreciate any advice on the matter. Thanks.
This certainly applies as "any" advice.... but.

It sounds like you have already thought it through pretty well. Do what your heart tells you to do. :)

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This is no laughing matter.
You made all of the arguments yourself, as pointed out above. And they're good arguments. It may be a long, long time before you land a "real job", so why incur debt you don't have to?