What kind of non-flying classes (ground) can I expect in a 4-year BS college?


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Hello everyone.. just wondering what kind of classes one must take in the 4 years while attaining a BS in aviation science? Will I have to take humanities, phsyics, math? I hope that if I must take humanities that I can transfer some credits from my current school.

Here at Riddle, for the BS in AS we're required to take sveral communication courses (i.e.- English Comp & Lit, Speech, Tech Report Writing, etc.), Physics, College Math, Meteorology, A/C Performance, Navigation, Aerodynamics, Resource Management, Engines, Flight Systems, Physiology, and of course Humanities. We offer Studies in Art, Rhetorical Theory, Literature, Music Appreciation, and Western Humanities for our humanities electives. As for those and other electives, you need 3 humanities electives, 6 lower-level SS/EC, 3 management, 11 open credit, and 3 upper-level SS/EC. I'm not sure about Riddle's policy on transfer credits but I think they're not that receptive to accepting transfer credits. You might be able to count all of those credits you already have as extra open electives you need when you declare a minor. Hope that helps
The folowing link should take you to the Purdue University aviation technology program website. It will give you a good idea of what to expect there. I realize that Purdue may not be a cpmsoderation for you but at least it will give you an idea. http://www.tech.purdue.edu/at/information/ftplan/
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