What is a job a Chief PIlot?

the Chief Pilot is a mandated position by the FAA for most companies flying under specific regs ( 121, 135, 141 so on.)

other positions include

Director of Operations
Director of Maintenance

the requirements for Chief pilot are coverd in FAR part 137
You need three years of line captain experience under 135 (or 121 if you are a 121 operator.)

Some companies pay you more, some don't. It's usually a desk job.

Mostly your job is to baby sit a bunch of brats

Cheif Pilots handle complaints and put out fires mostly. They are rarely called on to set a lot of policy. That's what the Dir. of Ops. does.
Part 91 corporate operators also have "Chief Pilots" ... in my case, our department is two pilots, the CP and myself. We both have the usual flying and aircraft support duties. The CP additionally is responsible for overall operation of the department, budgeting, maintenance scheduling, etc. Basically, think management of the department in addition to flying duties.


If your goal was to become a chief pilot, would an MBA be helpful.

What's the "next" step after Chief Pilot, or...if someone wanted to work in upper level management for an airline would Chief Pilot be a good starting point (after a career as a pilot)?


BTW, thanks for the info.
At Skywsest and I'm sure at other airlines there are several chief pilots. Depending on the size, each domicile has a chief pilot. Some of the smaller domiciles are covered by the chief of one of the larger ones. They all answer to the main chief pilot in HQ who answers to the Director of Flt. Ops. There are a bunch of other positions in the corporate side of an airline a chief pilot can move into: fleet managers, safety officers, flight standardization, etc.
I always hear the word cheif pilot. What is their jobs and do they get extra pay?

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More or less the 'go to' guy for pilots and pretty much is a supervisor of sorts.

We have one per base and two in ATL, one for domestic and one for international operations.

At my airline, the chief pilot gets paid what he can hold seniority-wise. Like if he's a MD-88 captain, but systemwide, he has the seniority to fly the 777, he'd get 777 captain pay.

But I might be wrong.