What have you done to pay it forward today?


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Working on proposal to start an aviation club at my university that will include exposure to various elements of aviation.


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Hell, I just woke up. So, today I have done nothing except drink coffee and look at the trips in progress website. Recently I have gotten at least 1 JCer and friend hired at my operation.


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I'm supporting the airport cafe at Santa Paula as I type this. Could have stopped at the Filmore Starbucks, I'm driving, but I'd rather support the airport business.

Sorry, that's all I got.

Good idea for a thread!
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Today? Nothing so far. Over the past years? Lots of stuff.

It's not something I really keep track of. Just something to do when the opportunity presents itself.


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Rounded up a few new hires out last night and went out for Food and drinks to help us all de-stress after the first week of systems. We got to talk and answer their questions in a much more relaxed format and had a good time in doing so.

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40 days on the road a year.
I spent 25 days on the road just last rotation. Of course, my family isn't here, so I'd rather be on the road, but if I could find your job in JAX, I'd be a happy camper. 47 hours in this rotation already. 16 days to go.