What happens when an airline pilot loses his/her medical?


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What happens when an airline pilot develops a medical condition that causes him to lose his medical, and no waiver is availble? Obviously he can no longer fly. But from an earnings standpoint, is he screwed, or is there some sort of disability insurance provided by the airline that will pay him a portion of his salary forever? If this is the case, does anyone know what the typical provisions are (i.e., 50% of salary forever, etc.)?
While the company most likely will not just throw you out, at the same time there may not be any guarantees. I think there is some insurance one can buy, but I don't think that it lasts for life. In our pilot contract, the exact provisions for loss of medical are as follows:

Section 19.A.3

If a pilot loses his medical certificate while employed by the Company, such pilot will be given every consideration for continued employment, including employment as a dispatcher or other available position within the Company for which such pilot meets the minimum qualifications.

As you can see, it doesn't guarantee a job nor other compesnation. Just the consideration for other jobs if "available." Of course, the policy may be much different and better at an airline which treats their employees better...