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Just browsing at the current edition of Flying magazine a flying school full page add cought my atention .
This add shows three pictures , the first dated Sept 2000 ,student next to a 172 and 0 hrs flight experience,second pic dated June 01 2001 student next to turboprop flight time now is 250 hrs and he now is a FO
third pic May 02 a whopping 490 hrs still FO but wait
he is flying the Regionals//////
WHAT A CAREER//////////////////////////
I don't believe he is working for that certain airline where he is pictured to be flying that certain CRJ anymore either... not exactly by choice either....interesting....

Most of the people that do that program are fairly far behind the jet (if not hanging on by the static wicks) and have to wait around a year for a class date... not to mention fork out a pile of money. Most people when they first start flying the jet are really hanging on, those with the low time tend to a bit more than others, though there are definite exceptions to the rule. Seen a 2500 hour pilot with 1000 hours in falcons not be able to handle a stall. Seen a 500 hour guy do a perfect balked landing with an engine disentegration upon power application to GA thrust...

Overall though.. you won't be as well respected having "paid to be in the seat"...it tends to be sort of an uh oh factor....but its certainly the right thing for some people. Your choice. Not everyone that goes through that program gets hired, or makes it through training at the airline....
Yeah and the funny thing is that those cheapos just used the exact same picture of the guy by the cessna twice.