What a stupid way to mess up a career.


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I was almost involved in an accident tonight that would have made the national news!

I was towing a MD-80 from D-pier to C-pier at BWI. We were going south on the taxi way that runs alongside the regional terminal (If your familiar with BWI) with clearance all the way to the gate. Well, as were getting to the end of the gate we see another AA 737 coming towards us. He was instructed to hold short. Instead he at us at a very high rate of speed, swerves around us and just barely missed hitting our plane. I saw a red light directly over my tractor, and the guy at the cockpit said the wingtip was just a few feet from slicing the radome. He was even closer to actually hitting the building. I got his name and employee number and told operations about what happened, looks like tomorrow this guy is going to be in a lot of trouble. I personally think he should be fired for this.
Ramp work is dangerous stuff!! people will never realize how dangerous it can be out there until you are in the situation. I never realized it till i got out there. You really have to keep your head on a swivel or grow more eyes out there.

I was pulling the bypass pin out of a 737 tonight and as soon as i popped off the towbar the aircraft rolled toward me about 6 inches or so. nothing big but it scared the hell out of me as i was under the wheel well!
I had a something similar happen to me last year. We were repositioning from B-22 to a remote gate. We had gotten permission from the tower to reposition. A USAir A320 called the tower for taxi clearence and was told to hold out side of the alleyway(between terminals A & B). I thought it was weird that they didn't replay,but didn't give it a second thought......all of a sudden out of the night comes this black airplane taxying at the speed of light towards us! I was totally taken off guard, I just saw my life flash before my eyes......by the time the USAir crew saw us and got stopped their wingtip was less that 5 feet from our radome! It's was one of the most scary things that ever happened to me in a airplane. I shook so bad I almost fell down the airstairs. Later the crew for the USAir flight and the USAir ramp supe came over and apologized for the near collision. However that didn't save them since to airport ops saw the whole thing happen.....I believe both pilots were suspended for a couple weeks. It's a dirty dangerous job,but hey it's fun and it pays the bills!
I agree Zombie. I wasn't there and didn't see what happened but that does sound pretty careless (and scary) to me.
He was instructed to hold short.

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Did the pilot acknowledge the hold-short instruction? I'm not looking for an excuse, but maybe he/she didn't receive the tower's instruction or just didn't hear it... Either way, it sucks. Glad nobody was hurt.

Sounds like a bad deal...

Like Dave was saying, I wonder if the guy ever even heard the hold short instruction. Thankfully nothing happened, but it really makes you wonder how many "close calls" there are everyday at our nations airports…
It didnt matter if he heard the hold short call or not!! We were blocking the intersection. There was NO safe way to get around us.
It didnt matter if he heard the hold short call or not!! We were blocking the intersection. There was NO safe way to get around us.

[/ QUOTE ]

I see..

I guess he obviously wasn't paying attention...

That could have really been bad!
Zombie, I fly out of BWI, too. Luckily, GA usually get 33R/15L. The few times I took off on 28/10 I was something like 1000 feet when crossing the threshold!