westwind School Of Aeronautics


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Does any one know anything more about this School. Is their any former students that can elaberate on the program .What are any of your thoughts about this program. I havent heard of any complaningr nor anything to good about the program. It is like the ATA's proffesional program; but without the Corruption of ATA's Management LOL. From what i see of it is if for some reason you are not accepted by skywest than you continue your training to get 1200hr. and a possible 200 multy if you add the Muty CFI. Read MAJOR'S Topic on UTAH STATE VALLY COLLGEG for more info.. Please post something if you have any comments or thought I would like to hear some. thank you for you time.
Hey Arlington,

I visited Westwind in Nov 2001 and March this year, and I was very impressed with their facilities and the overall atmosphere of the school. Everything seemed brand new or close to new (including most of their planes and a Frasca 242T simulator set up as a BE1900). In fact, when I visited in November, they were in the process of expanded their upstairs classrooms. I was impressed enough to choose them for the remainder of my training. I spoke with Jennifer Schiele in Admissions during my visits, as well as Jerry Dilk, the "dean". Jen was very down to earth and can answer any questions you have about the school. She can probably also get you in contact with current students.