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I was wondering if you could gimmie your opinion on WMU's aviation program. I know all about it, but I wondered what the people that are actually pilots think of it. Thanks!!

By the way if you want to check their website its at:

I lived in Western Michigan and got a Business degree from WMU its a great area to live the school is great but, Battle Creek is where the aviation is from it SO, SO and I think that their are better aviation schools out there.
They are in cold climate which can limit winter months like now. I know they have a lot of overseas students and their very young as an aviation school, I like UND or Purdue
I am due to graduate from WMU this spring with a degree in Aviation Management. I was originally a Flight Science major but switched over to the Management degree after I decided the costs were too high. I am pursuing my flight training at the local FBOs. I have a lot of friends that went through the flight program. Some loved it, some hated it. Biggest complaints are about aircraft availabity (due to high number of students) and costs. Those are nothing different than any other school though. They have great facilities and great aircraft with top notch avionics. They also have a new accelerated program that you might want to look into. The winters are rough here in SW Michigan but when you get a job flying professionally, you won't always be flying in areas that are 70 degrees, sunny, and visibility unlimited. They have a great website that will answer all your questions. Good luck!
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If it matters anything to you, students generally do not fly until there junior year at wmu. Students are required to complete the pre-aviation curriculum before flying.
hey guys. i may be able to give a little insight on wmu's aviation program. i too was a flight science major there like bluestreak but switched and graduated with a degree in aviation mangement last april. currently i'm in florida doing my flight training. i also have had many friends who went through the program. unfortunatley most of them have not had good things to say abut the program. as bluestreak said aircraft availability is a problem. (nice planes though). most are '97's or newer. secondly tom grossman the cheif pilot is an •. another problem (so i've heard) is that they string you along by telling you your not ready for the checkride when if fact you are. i can't speak for this from personal experience as i have never flown there. i do still have one buddy going through the program working on his commercial and he is not happy to say the least for the reason i have just mentioned. plus you get only enough multi-time to get your rating. many programs (not colligiate) (spelling?) allow you do a multi add-on after your ppl so you can log pic during the other phases of your flight training for roughly the same price of flying a new 172. also western has the IPTC which is the "international pilot training center." british airways, airlingus, and emirates air send pilots there to train. the reason this is a problem is because 1. they are using western's aircfraft. and 2. western puts more emphasis on keeping those students happy than they do their domestic students. some of this information may be a little out of date as it has been about a year since i've been around k-zoo. that was the situation when i was there. they did not have the "accelerated program" when is was there. i guess you can do the program if you already have a degree. BUT, compared to the programs down here, this programs not very accelerated. and you still don't get any multi-time. any way that's my .02 cents. hope this helps.
The IPTC is gone now; it's streamlined with the Option B program. All the instructors are certified to teach to FAA or JAA standards. They're not sure when they are going to get the contracts back from the European carriers, but as of now we have none.

The way I look at it, Option B is a new way of screwing current flight students of of flying time. When I got here in the fall of 2001 you had no choice but to go through the entire flight science program if you wanted to fly. Now they'll let you do individual ratings (the way I read it). They're looking to sell themselves out to anyone who will bite at this point.

At least that's my view on things. I went from flight science, to administration, and now I'm studying political science while flying at my local FBO back in Bay City.


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