Well, that's fine Doug...

Re: Well, that\'s fine Doug...

Well if that's what makes you comfortable, feel free.

Keep in mind that I established this website to foster free and "non-combatant" style information and when you're constantly asking "privately email me!" all you're doing is instigating a return of mid-2000 where 99% of the traffic to the forums was private messages, and a lot of those unsolicited advertisements/spam to users.

And when most of the traffic reverts to such methods of communications, it degenerates the point of even having flight-school specific forums.

I'd rather not return to that. Come back when you're ready.
Re: Well, that\'s fine Doug...

As I've stated before, I am an employee of Comair Aviation Academy. We have always welcomed and always will welcome the open discussions that are here on Jet Careers. We may not always agree with what is said, but often times it gives us a chance to see a mistake we may be making so that we can correct the problem so that it does not happen again. Nobody would ever be looked upon differently for any comment that they make on here.

Doug, When are you going to take us up on the offer to come visit us? I know I've personally invited you before but you never responded.