Weekend Air Show


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I have the day off today, spending part of it sitting on my deck reading a good book. The peace and quiet is suddenly disturbed my a deep rumble from the sky. I look up. Flying over my house, perhaps 2,000-2,500 ft. AGL, is a B-17 all decked out as if she had just been newly assigned to the Eighth Air Force.

I figure it is a pretty good day, but its not over.

About ten minutes later I hear it again. I look up. A B-24 Liberator, bright and shiny, following the same flight path.

Now I KNOW its a really good day.

There is an air show at the Heber Valley (Utah) airport this weekend. I live in Salt Lake but I know where I'm going tomorrow. If you are around it might be worth stopping by. Currently eagerly awaiting the P-51 that is supposed to be there as well.