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Hello everyone, I was curious if anyone had any experience or perhaps worked with this company.

I was selected to participate in a internship over the summer in Western ND and I was wondering if anyone has any inside tips or information. Things to prepare for, locations that are more preferable, things to watch out for, anything would be greatly appreciated.

I was an intern with Wx Mod last summer in Watford City. As an intern you actually work for the Atmospheric Resource Board but the PICs and aircraft are from Wx Mod. Everyone at the ARB and Wx Mod are great. It's a fun time. Be prepared to come up with your own entertainment though. I was in DII and I think we got out more than the guys down in DI.
Cool thanks. I will aim for DII then. What did you do for housing, and how did you like Watford City? I haven't really lived in a small town before and I am kind of nervous in that regard. I was leaning towards Minot, Williston and Watford City for the locations but I am not sure yet. We are supposed to submit our top 3 choices next week.
I had an apartment with the two PICs and other intern in Watford City. The PICs set it up. They usually try to go with the same place every summer. We all split the rent and the utilites. I think it was about $250ish a month. It's a two bedroom place.

The PICs had the bedrooms and the other intern and myself shared the living room floor. Furnishings were pretty much nonexistent. We had a card table and four chairs from Wal*Mart in the kitchen and we each had our own air matress. The place had a small laundry room downstairs (two washers and two dryers).

Watford was nice because there were two airplanes based there so you had some company. Williston and Minot each had one. So you were there with only your PIC. Williston and Minot are also where the top seeders are, so you will only be there for about four weeks before you start travelling. As a top seed intern, you'll travel to the base seed bases to allow the base seed interns to have the opportunity experience it.

Watford is only a 45 minute drive to Williston so we got together with those guys very often, several times a week just to play cards, see a movie, or bbq. During big dry spells we also got together with all the DII crews in Stanley.

Living conditions are about the same in each town, small apartment with your PIC and an air matress. It's a lot like a three month long camping trip. Watford has a movie theatre and they play two movies at a time and switch them out every two weeks and there are a few decent restaurants. The Dakotan and TJ's are best. There is also a crop dusting operation on the field with a bunch of cool guys. I gave some instrument training to their A&P.

I grew up out in the country so I didn't find it too different. Not many of the crews had a TV that I know of. We used the TV and internet at the airport in Watford. They have a little mobile home trailer that's been converted into the FBO. We sort of commadere that for the summer.

I think it's safe to compare Williston to Grand Forks and Minot to Fargo as far as those two go. The other small towns are all about the same. DI usually has a farm house and everyone, including the field met live there. It sounds like a cool gig down there, but you don't get around much. Like I said, in DII we went to the other bases quite a bit.
Sweet thanks a lot for taking the time to write that up. It really cleared up some stuff, especially the housing concern. Sounds like Watford City is good, I don't think I'd like to move around that much as a result of doing the cloud top stuff. I'll be fine at cloud base.

Thanks again!
No problem! I don't think it really matters where you're at. The whole project is a lot of fun. As a base seeder you'll fly with the same PIC the whole summer except your two-week rotation to top seed so you'll get a pretty good routine down with them. My biggest advice is just to keep an open mind and be flexible. There is no reason to get stressed out with anything on this job. There's not a whole lot of actual "work" involved. Just look as it as an adventure and you'll be fine and have a lot of fun.:rawk: